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Recycling services for companies and offices

Environmental awareness in on the rise and companies that are ahead of their time have already become a part of this new trend. There are many organizations and even private firms that offer recycling services, but most of them are not qualified to handle all sorts of disposals. Most of them focus on the most common raw materials such as plastic, paper, cardboard, glass or metal scraps. They are focused on home disposals and some do a great job in handling them and sending them to recycling plants.

However, offices and big companies have different models of consumption and sorts of disposals. Their hardware replacement has speeded up in recent years due to the acceleration in the advances of technology. Top companies need to be on the first line of technological innovation, and their continual efforts to be up to date result in a constant disposal of obsolete technology. 

Hardware waste such as smartphones, tablets and computers require a more complex processing to be recycled. Regular recycling companies can not handle this kind of garbage and they usually do not accept it as recyclable disposals. They are not prepared to deal with the structural complexity and the specificity of materials and components of technology. We are.

Improve your company image with a specialised waste management and recycling practice

It has been proven that green behaviour such as planting tress and recycling waste helps substantially to improve the image that consumers have of a company. From saving the rainforests to cleaning the industrial disposals that are poured in a river, companies that have this kind of marketing approach see their sales escalate. 

Recycling your disposals is not just a selfless gift to the environment. It is, indeed, a sales investment. If you promote in the market the fact that you recycle all your technology disposals, or even make a TV or Internet video spot showing that you do, you will see a possitive effect in your customer's response.

For companies, recycling their disposals is killing two birds with one rock. Whatever your number one priority is, you will always find that recycling your disposals is a great investment that is worth being made. You have found the best company to handle and recycle your technology garbage.


We offer a personalized service to all our clients

There are not two equal companies, all of them have different inputs an outputs, and particular needs. We offer a one of a kind, personalized service. We assess the needs and particularities of your company and adjust our work to provide the best tailored service for your office and business center. Contact us now to solicit a free interview with one of our agents. Join the frontline of environmental awareness in business by starting to recycle your technology disposals. Make an investment that will lift your sales and your public image, and let professionals get you rid of all technological waste. Do it for the planet. Do it for your business.

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Environmental awareness for companies.

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TestimonialsRobert Johnson - CEO of Midlands Business Center

"Nowadays, being green gives you great press. I am happy to see that our market presence has expanded since we work with Realise Networks in the managing of our waste. People want our products because we recycle all we use."

Hampshire Tex

"Realise Networks is a great company to work with. It is very dedicated to its ends and very trustworthy. Not once have they ever let us down on anything. They keep up to what they say and we know that we can rely on them."

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