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Paper Shredding in Essex and the London area

Companies receive and store a lot of information, most of which needs to kept private. They store confidential financial details as well as personal information about their customers. It is very important that this kind of information protected; since there are predators that may use it to destroy the company. Exposing private information about customers can lead to identity theft by criminals. In order to avoid such cases, companies have to be very careful when disposing confidential documents. 

There are various ways to destroy documents, such as using a local office shredder or burning them. However, these methods are not completely reliable. It is easy to leave a piece of paper out, which may have vital information. For this reason, firms now rely on shredding companies to dispose off their confidential documents. These are companies equipped with advanced machines for destroying documents. Shredding companies make it easier for businesses to put away all forms of confidential information; some are equipped with machines for destroying digital media.

The number of shredding companies throughout London and Essex has increased over time, due to the high demand for shredding companies. The law requires companies to keep confidential information safe. Shredding companies destroy documents in bulk, so they are hired on a regular basis or when an organization’s store is full. Depending on the kind of service offered by the company, customers can have their documents transported to shredding plants or destroyed at their premises. Among the best shredding companies in London and Essex are:

• Shred First 

This company offers shredding services on site. It is a renowned company for the quality services it offers. Besides paper documents, Shred First helps you destroy discs, hard drives along with any other device containing sensitive data. 

• On Site Shredding

On Site Shredding company is a widely favoured company throughout the country. While some firms prefer to transfer their documents to the shredding company themselves, others wish to have the service brought to them. For both options, On Site Shredding is ideal as it offers both on-site and off-site shredding services. The company has a special shredder for destruction of hard drives; hence firms that save information in soft copy can easily have them destroyed.

• Thames Security Shredding

For more than thirty years, Thames Security Shredding has been known for offering high quality shredding services. The company not only destroys confidential documents, it further takes the shredded paper for recycling. Thames collects documents from its customers’ offices and transports them to the shredding station. It ensures tight security for documents during transportation. The shredding process is also conducted under very strict supervision. The company manages to maintain the trust of its customers; as they are allowed to watch the shredding process through CCTV. This way, they are assured that no document is left undestroyed.

• Lanes Shredding

Lanes Shredding company is dedicated towards offering exceptional services to its customers. The company offers bags to its clients, which they can use to dispose their documents. Customers order the bags, which are delivered to them within less than a day. The bags have seals to keep the documents safe. Once the documents are put into the bags, they are delivered to Lanes’ depots; from where they are collected and delivered to the shredding station. 

• Shred Station 

Shred Station offers both on-site and off-site services. In addition, the company recycles the shredded paper. Shred station destroys both paper documents and digital material. Customers can arrange with the company to have their documents destroyed on a regular basis or when they have too much unwanted material. 

Parting Shot

Companies have the duty to keep their clients’ confidential information secure.  In addition, they need to make sure they keep their company secrets safe. In the current world, it is very easy for confidential information to end up in the wrong hands. There have been many crimes committed as a result of such leakage. This can be very difficult to achieve without the help of shredding companies. Even a tiny piece of paper; if left undestroyed could lead to leakage of sensitive information to the wrong people. 

It is very important for companies to find a shredding firm that can be trusted to destroy its documents. Companies no longer need to overwork their staff members by making them destroy confidential documents. Shredding companies are well equipped, and have the ability to ensure every piece of information is safely destroyed. They have strict security measures; hence companies are assured of having their documents safely disposed. Some companies have also begun to recycle the destroyed paper; which is a very essential step in environmental conservation. 

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